365Sportscast.com is a streaming network of sports talk radio shows spanning the entire spectrum of major sports, from general sports programs to team-oriented shows. Its hosts are rabid, knowledgeable sports broadcasters who have joined to form a powerhouse sports talk broadcasting platform.
365Sportscast.com was created by Mark Rosenman and A.J. Carter, co-hosts of the long-running terrestrial radio program SportsTalkNewYork, and former NHL defenseman and podcast host Tom Laidlaw. They saw the possibilities of uniting individual programs into a network that will attract listeners from fans across North America, whether they be fanatics of a particular team or connoisseurs of a given sport or lovers of sport in general.
Sports fans can tune in on their computers, access the network through an app on their smart phones or even ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to tap into the current on-air program.
365Sportcast.com brings together the best sports broadcasts with the best sports fans into an incredible universe of sports listening pleasure

Who we are

Mark Rosenman

President and CEO

Mark is the author of six books, four on hockey and two on baseball. He has been covering sports in the New York area for over 40 years, and is a regular member of the press corps for both the New York Mets and the New York Rangers. Mark’s expertise has made him a frequent guest on television and radio talk shows.


Tom Laidlaw

Founding Partner

Tom is a motivational speaker, business entrepreneur, former sports agent, and former NHL defenseman. He grew up on a humble Canadian farm, where he learned how to truly embrace hard work and appreciation for life. Guided by memories of his father and grandfather, Tom lives his life to the absolute max. Whether it be your relationships, personal goals, business endeavors, mental strength, or physical health, Tom’s mission is to inspire you to live his mantra of a True Grit Life

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A.J. Carter

Vice President and COO

A.J. is an award-winning journalist who spent 34 years at the Long Island Newspaper Newsday as a reporter, editor and columnist. He spent seven of those years as the deputy sports editor directing the newspaper’s coverage of events such as the New York Rangers’s 1994 Stanley Cup run and investigative stories. He is the author of one book, with Mark Rosenman.

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Michael Capece

Social Media Coordintor

Mike grew up in a family of sports fans and has inherited his passion for all sports, most especially the New York Rangers and New York Yankees. A recent graduate of Sachem North High School in Long Island’s Suffolk County, Mike is learning to hone his craft at Suffolk County Community College. Mike brings to 365Sportscast.com the perspective of the younger generation and the expected social media skills of a member of Generation  Y.